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The suggestion to establish a link using the Set button technique was to create a working link so you could display the information in the EZIO8SA and ApplianceLinc link database and the EZIO8SA Input information. Knowing what the correct information should be gives you a starting point for entering that information manually through the SHN Utility.

Starting with link data in the ApplianceLinc of 00.00.09 (invalid output unit number 09) initially posted suggested to me that seeing link and input information of a working link would be useful. I have used the SHN Utility to manually create working links in several EZIO2X4s and an EZIO6I when using valid link and Input data. Don’t have firsthand experience with an EZIO8SA but the EZIOxx tab is generic to the EZIOxx family of devices so I feel certain the same thing can be done with an EZIO8SA.