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Keeping in mind the title of this thread, I want to manage an EZIO8SA without using the SET buttons. I have no problem linking devices using the SET buttons. I’m trying to manage an EZIO8SA without having to physically access the EZIO8SA. I want to take a factory defaulted EZIO8SA, set up the input records, add some link records, and have it generate Insteon messages when inputs change. Is this possible? I started down this path when attempting to use the EZIO8SA inputs with my Universal Devices ISY-99. I have hacked several ISY linking methods, and have not been able to get changes on the inputs to generate any Insteon traffic. I also want to use my EZIO8SAs in inaccessible locations. So I either need to be able to build and modify the EZIO8SA configuration using the SHN utility or have my ISY handle this. I’m not able to do either.