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When you used the Set button technique to link the ApplianceLinc to the EZIO8SA, toward the end of the sequence you pressed the Set button on the ApplianceLinc for 3-4 seconds. The last step is to go back to the EZIO8SA and press the Set button for 3-4 seconds to close out the linking process. This last step was not always needed. I still have EZIOxx device documentation on file that does not describe that last step. That was added when support was added for linking multiple devices to the same Input without having to start the link definition process from the beginning. I have encountered link problems if that last 3-4 second Set button press on the EZIOxx device is not done. Ran into it the first time I received an EZIOxx device that had the multi-link support and I failed to read the latest documentation. Don’t remember any of my symptoms matching what you are encountering. Just be sure to close out the Set button linking process with that last 3-4 second Set press on the EZIO8SA.