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You have covered all the horses I know about, it is time to think about zebras. A link record must contain the necessary information for the ApplianceLinc to follow the Input transition yet something needed in the link record to look active to the SHN utility is missing. If it were my devices, the next thing I would do is use the SHN Utility to manually add a “Controller of” link record to the EZIOxx with all the correct information for Input 1 to control the ApplianceLinc. Then display the link database and see what record was used for the new link. If link record 1 is used then something happened during the factory reset or when the Set button link was established. The only other suggestion I can think of is to do another factory reset and start over. Of course, if you have some other software available that can query the EZIOxx link database, that is actually the first choice. Something like Houselinc, or Powerhome that will access the current link records in the EZIOxx to see if they would get a different result than the SHN Utility.