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There has to be a “Controller of” link record present in the EZIOxx device. The link record contains the Insteon address of the ApplicanceLinc device. Without a link record the EZIOxx cannot issue a Group command sequence because it would not know what Insteon device address to send the Insteon commands to.

There is a communication problem between whatever you are using for the SHN Utility to communicate with the power line (PLC or EZSrve/EZBridge) and EXIOxx. Are you using a PLC or EZSrve. Try displaying the link database in the EZIOxx device again using the SHN Utility. With marginal communication, sometimes it will work and sometimes it will not. May explain why an attempt to write a link record by the SHN Utility did not work. The PLC/EZSrve and the EZIOxx could be on a different power line phases. Are you using Access Points or Signalincs to couple the phases. Try moving the EZIOxx to a different location until you establish reliable communication. There have been cases where the Access Points or Signalincs were not plugged into opposite phases making cross phase communication unreliable.

EDIT: In the lower right corner of the Manage Device Links screen of the SHN Utility, status messages are displayed as the link database is accessed. What messages are displayed when attempting to display the link database in the EZIOxx.