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Using the Set button technique so I would have the values set by each device, I linked an ApplicanceLinc to Input 2 of one of my EZIO2X4s. The link record in the EZIO2X4 0C.AE.5F is ……

Link Record 6 – Controller of Device: 04.D8.FB; Group: 2; Data: 2,C,28

The link record in the ApplicanceLinc 04.D8.FB is …..

Link Record 1 – Responder to Device: 0C.AE.5F; Group: 2; Data: FE,1F,0

The Group number is 2 because I used Input 2 to link to the ApplicanceLinc. The data in the Controller of link record in the EZIOxx is related to the device class and type of the ApplicanceLinc and has no bearing on the Group command sequence issued by the EZIOxx device. The FE,1F,0 is the standard Full Bright, Fastest Ramp Rate, Output Unit 0; used by LampLincs and now I see also by ApplicanceLincs.