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At a minimum the 3rd data byte in the ApplicanceLinc ‘Responder to” link record should be 0x00. The third byte identifies the output unit, of which there is only one in an ApplianceLinc/Lamplinc device. If you are using a Lamplinc then the data should be 0xfe 0x1f 0x00. I’ll link up an AppianceLinc to one of my EZIO2X4s to see what the first two bytes would normally be. You can also go back and establish a link between the EZIOXX device and the ApplianceLinc with the Set button and then display the link database in both devices. That will tell you what hardware set the various fields to for a working link.

If an Input transition is not causing an Insteon message to flow it is generally a mismatch between the Group number assigned to the Input and the “Controller of” link record in the EXIOxx device. When an Input makes a transition, the link database is searched for a “Controller of” link record with a matching Group number. If a match is found then a Group command sequence is issued to the Insteon device address in the matching link record. Did you click on the yellow “Save Changes” button to permanently save the Input settings after the “Write” click finished updating the settings.

Redisplay the Inputs Settings and Monitor for the specific Input you are testing. Also display the link database for both the ApplicanceLinc and the EZIO8SA to confirm that the link records you wrote actually are in both devices.

Is the SHN Utility using a PLC? If so, double click on the blue T shaped ICON in the system tray. This will open the SDM3 trace window showing the Insteon messages that are flowing.