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Thanks for the help with scene/group info.

Here is more detail about my setup:

I have 4 Switch Link Relays controlling outdoor lighting. In addition there are two 4+2 button Keypad Links for other lighting loads and to display status and to control outdoor lights. For example, a Keypad link in the bedroom shows the status and can control outdoor lighting. (In the “old” days had to get up and walk to the other end of the house to turn out lights).

I also have a driveway sensor that closes a contact when a car comes down my road (rural area). The contact closure causes a X10 signal to be sent that is seen by another relay that causes the doorbell to ring. Housecode D02 is the trigger that rings the bell. Although X10 is bad for reliablity, this works well as both relays are on the same circuit.

The various Insteon devices were linked and worked well prior to adding the EZServe.

I would like the EZServe to see the X10 from the driveway sensor and turn on outside lights, if it is night time. The EZServe is on the same circuit as the X10 relays so it should see the X10 traffic. So far I have not been able to trigger a macro based upon a X10 D02 ON signal.

I have tried to create a scene containing the outside lights and then have that scene controlled by a timer as well as the X10 D02 ON. I can’t get a scene to stick. (even with EZSerev as controller and using other than 01 as the group)

Right now my EZServe is showing “Scene Creation/Deletion in progress”. This has been going for 15 minutes. I am going to cancel.

Any ideas?