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Creating a Macro with a Scene/Group number of 01 actually does create the XML file entry, with Group 01 as the RID value. When you redisplay the Macro, the Then: field is not set explicitly so it displays whatever was in that field from the previous Macro display. Much of the time it is the first device in the list. However, if I display a Macro which has a Scene name in the Then: field that has a Unit number other than 01, the Scene name appears correctly. Follow that with a Macro display where the Then: Scene name has a group of 01, the Scene name from the previous Macro display remains in the Then: field.

Creating multiple scenes with EZSrve as the Controller, using the same Unit/Scene/Group number is not logical. Native Insteon hardware devices would not create that situation, nor would well behaved software. If you trigger a Macro for any Scene with Unit 01, where multiple Scenes have been created using Unit 01, the Default_01 Scene is driven, regardless of what the Macro definition might have specified for a Scene name. This is due to the fact that the Unit/Scene/Group number is stored in the Macro definition, not the actual Scene/Group name, and the first Scene in the Scenes XML file with Group 01 is Default_01.


DON’T define multiple scenes with EZSrve as the Controller using the same Unit number. You will have to manage (remember) the Unit number when defining Scenes with EZSrve as the Controller. You can always review the existing Macro definitions to be sure a new Unit number is being used.

It is possible to drive the Default_01 scene from a Macro. The scene name will not appear correctly if the Macro is redisplayed but the Default_01 Scene is actually driven. I watched the Group Broadcast, Group Cleanup Direct messages issued when a Unit 01 Scene is driven, with the Group Cleanup Direct messages following the sequence of devices in the Default_01 Scene/Group.