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I’ve upgraded to 1.52, apparently without issue.

After the upgrade (and presumed reboot of the EZSrve) my Java code stopped working.

I ran “Simplehomenet Utility Suite” again, hit “Connect”, then “Disconnect”, and exited.

Then I ran my Java code (just sends a GetRevision), and it worked (and reported 1.52).

As an additional experiment, I reset the EZSrve, and ran my Java code on my desktop machine. No response. Then, from my laptop, I ran the Utility Suite, hit Connect, then Disconnect, and exited.
Then I ran my Java code again from the desktop machine, and it worked – told me the version it was running (1.52), even though the Utility Suite was run from a different machine.

It looks to me like the Utility Suite is doing something to the EZSrve that makes port 8002 “wake up” (that my Java code isn’t).