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I have not gotten a similar macro to work yet. The Switchlinc will not send an Insteon group message when the paddle is pressed unless you have a link to a responder. I did the same thing except I am using an ICON switch. The EZSrve does see and ACK the Group Cleanup Direct message issued by the ICON switch to EZSrve when the paddle is pressed but the macro does not fire. The macro logic may not see the actual ACK as that may be issued by lower level firmware in the PLM. That is only a guess. Also that a macro will fire only when it sees an ACK is also a guess but if it fired on seeing the Group Cleanup Direct message, the macro might fire more than once because the Group Cleanup Direct message could be repeated until an ACK is given. That is as far as my macro testing has gotten as I am working a different problem with SHN for now. My plan is to link the ICON switch to a different responder and see if I can get a macro to fire based on that responder going ON. That responder will issue an ACK which EZSrve might see and react to.

If you are referring to the SHN Utility not showing Insteon traffic, it generally shows only messages it issued and the response to those specific messages. There is a blue T shaped icon in the system tray when SHN Utility is up (assuming you are connected through a PLC). This is Smarthomes SDM3 driver for the PLC. Double click on the blue T icon to open SDM3’s trace window. If the SHN Utility is connected through EZSrve, go to the EZSrve/EZBridge tab and click on Control. The Data Received window will show the XML generated by the Group Broadcast and Group Cleanup Direct messages received by EZSrve when the paddle ON is pressed but an ACK message does not appear. One of the reasons I think EZSrve firmware does not actually see the ACK issued by the PLM part of EZSrve when EZSrve is the responder.

Should you get your macro to work, please post back as I am sure others would like to know the answer.