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I added 4 sunset based timers for two X10 devices. Running Houselinc Desktop to trace the powerline activity. The two timers turned on each X10 outside flood light at sunset Monday and two timers turned off the X10 outside flood lights a few minutes later. Will monitor the X10 timers through Sunday and post the results.

As an interesting note, the X10 timers were not initially reliable in controlling the flood lights even though the X10 commands were issued and traced by Houselinc Desktop. Turns out I had plugged the EZSrve into a non-surge power strip but the strip was powered from an APC UPS. Obviously not what I had intended but interestingly, the Insteon devices controlled from their own timers have worked without failure for weeks.

EDIT: sunset based timers controlling Insteon and X10 devices working correctly so far (Mon, Tues, Wed).

EDIT2: sunset based timers continue to work (Thur, Fri, Sat). I will post Sunday’s result. If my configuration fails, I will send you my XML files. Did not seem worth sending my files until I know if my environment fails.