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@duwa348 wrote:

I upgraded to 1.50 today. The upgrade process went fine but I have a question and an issue:

The issue: The EZServe turned on all my sunset activated timers at 4:00 today, 4 hours early. Why?

The question: how do you use the new Holiday feature?


For the bug, can you try the following:
1)Can you tell me what the time is on the EZSrve in the admin pages?
2)Change the timezone from whatever it is set, to a different value, and then change it back again to the correct time zone. Let me know if this clears the problem, it sounds like the timezone was reset during the upgrade. We are going to be looking into this as well, and if it is a bug, we will get it corrected ASAP.

Holiday features: take a quick look at the operator’s guide

Now, to expand on the feature, basically there are now “eight” days in a week. Sun – Sat, and then a holiday. The holiday screen allows you to set which calendar days of the year are a holiday. Then, when that calendar day rolls around, it is not Sun-Sat, but it is a holiday, and only timers configured as a holiday will fire, and no timers for Sun-Sat will fire. This is useful to create setups to make it look like you are home when you leave, or change a thermostat level, etc…