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Paul, I wonder if you’ve been able to verify my problem. Since my original inquiry the issues have worsened. After reloading version 1.5 onto my EZSrve I noticed that the macro screen still loaded ever-so-slowly and that I could not install any macros, even if I waited. All the other screens load just fine and the device installations and timers work as expected. I’ve restarted, reset, and reloaded numerous times since but without any luck. To test the system after a reload I first install an INSTEON wall switch which is also configured to send an X10 signal M01. I then install an X10 device configured as M01 to use as a macro trigger. I then try to install a macro that on receipt of an X10 M01 ON signal it sends an OFF command to the INSTEON device after a 1 minute delay. This worked well in version 1.43 but I have yet to get any macro to work in v 1.5 by installing it from the browser screen. After a reset the xml macro files were empty as expected. After numerous attempts to create a macro the xml file still remains empty. Could it be the EZSrve? Any thing you would recommend?