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What setting in the ‘At’ pulldown do I need to select, and given a time window of say 2 hours starting at 10PM, what time values do I need to enter?

You would select Time-Window+, set hh to 22 and mm to 00 (10 PM). Set the window to hh to 2, and mm to 0, for two hour window. This says, activate the macro at a time window starting at 10:00PM, + 2 hours.

Also, when creating the macro, make sure to create a link (you can use scene management for this, or the utility, or push buttons) where the switch is the controller and the EZSrve is the responder. We are going to automate this process in the next release, 1.51. This extra link will ENSURE that the traffic is seen by the EZSrve, and there won’t be missed events.

Let us know if you have further questions in this thread (or call or email at support@simplehomenet.com)