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I received my EZSrve today and have had some trouble adding devices.

The first two SwitchLinc relays I added worked fine. I used the linking process initiated from the Web interface. The next three devices (1 SwitchLinc Relay and 2 SwitchLinc Dimmers) would not add through either the linking process or by specifying an Insteon address. No errors were shown, but the devices were not added.

All devices were purchased in the last month. Being new to Insteon, I’m not sure what the difference is between I1 and I2.

Upgrading the firmware to 1.43 didn’t help (it arrived with 1.42).

In the end, I got the stubborn devices added using the Simplehomenet Utility Suite. I connected to my EZSrve, loaded up the device_add.xml file, edited it, then sent it. Now I can see and control all the devices.

Are there any issues with the process I used to add devices?