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There is nothing in the Insteon message that identifies the RF Code. However, if each motion detector is assigned a unique code and each RF Code Record for those codes has been assigned a unique Group number, the Group number is in the Insteon message. The first Insteon message is an ON (0x11) command for group 6. The second message is an OFF (0x13) command for group 6.

02 08 9B 4B 04 93 BF 41 11 06 – Insteon ON command for group 6

08 9B 4B from device address
04 93 BF to device address
4x flag byte – Group Cleanup Direct message
11 CMD1 ON command
06 CMD2 Group number

02 08 9B 4B 04 93 BF 41 13 06 – Insteon OFF command for group 6

I think each of the 4 zones (chimes) is considered part of the RF Code. You can verify that by changing the zone (chime) number on one of the motion detectors and see if it does or does not control the ApplianceLinc. If it no longer controls the ApplianceLinc, the zone is part of the RF Code. You will have to register the new code with the EZSnsRF just as you did with the first code, being sure a different group number is used. If a different zone continues to control the ApplianceLinc, then you will have to change the base code number (first 8 bits of the DIP switch) before assigning the new RF Code.