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Do not change the PLC link database with the SHN Utility. The utility does not support the type of “linked” record database used in a PLC. See ….


I have used inhomefre software to reload my PLC application but have not used it to manage links. It is free so give it a try.

Normally a responder link record is required in the responding device (the PLC in your case), to cause an ACK to be issued in response to the Group Cleanup Direct message issued by the EZSnsRF. I don’t believe the data in the new “Controller of” link record you added to the EZSnsRF with the PLC address as the controlled device, makes any difference. I think you need the “responder to” link record in the PLC. If you can copy the trace records from the sdm3 trace window when you trigger the motion sensor, and put them in a post, I will see what messages the EZSnsRF is generating and what responses are seen.

EDIT: I found the following in the mcontrol user guide …..

Macro Triggering and Real-time Status Changes from SwitchLinc Paddle Presses
As shipped from the factory, the PowerLinc 2414x/2814x adapter can not “hear” paddle press
messages originating from SwitchLinc. As a result, mControl can not show any status changes
initiated by paddle presses on SwitchLinc devices.
To enable this, the PowerLinc 2414x/2814x and SwitchLinc must be linked to each other.
1. Link the SwitchLinc to the PowerLinc
As part of mControl normal operation, mControl will automatically create a link within the
PowerLinc 2414x/2814x link database upon entry of the SwitchLinc device.
2. Link the PowerLinc to the SwitchLinc
SwitchLinc devices will only send paddle press changes to devices linked to it. As shipped
from the factory, PowerLinc 2414x/2814x does not allow for “slave” links from other
devices, like SwitchLincs, due to limitations in the “SALad core application”, a software
application, which manages the interface between the INSTEON connection and the
computer. To enable this functionality, a new SALad core application must be downloaded
to the PowerLinc. Ensure the PowerLinc 2414x/2814x is using the TimerCoreApp (v1.06)
or higher.
Once these steps have been completed, it is possible to receive real-time information (<2 seconds)
from SwitchLinc devices. In addition, it is possible to use SwitchLinc On or Off paddle presses for
macro triggers.
For more detailed information, please refer to mControl Application Note 06-0001-A.

A SwitchLinc is like an EZSnsRF in that they both control other devices. I do not use mcontrol so I have no experience with the details that are mentioned above. If mcontrol has a forum perhaps they can provide the information specific to mcontrols recognition and use of an EZSnsRF device.