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Awesome! I managed to get manual linking between the EZSnsRF and the ApplianceLinc to work (the difficulty went away when I moved the EZSnsRF to a dedicated light switch rather than have it plugged in to the power strip associated with my computer).

I also managed to get a s/w reaction by adding a rule to mControl that reacted to the status change of the ApplianceLinc. But I would rather receive the notification / event initially in software via my PLC — is that possible with an EZSnsRF?

I added a link to my PLC using the “Manage Device Links” tab of the Utility Suite; I cloned the record to the ApplianceLinc, simply switching addresses. This results in simple messages (01, 03) appearing in the SDM trace. Ought I to change the “Device Link Data” values to something else?

Can I access the EZSnsRF in mControl by editing the values of mserver.exe.xml? If so, what would be appropriate values?