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The Insteon Traffic tab is not a generalized Insteon message trace. That tab displays commands issued by the SHN Utility on the left side of the screen and the response received by that command on the right side of the screen. After “Connecting” the SHN Utility to the PLC, a blue T shaped icon appears in the system tray. This icon represents the Smarthome Device Manager, generally referred to as sdm3 (name of the .exe file). Double click on the blue T icon to open the sdm3 trace window to observe Insteon traffic.

I would start by doing a Restore Factory Configuration (Factory Reset) using the SHN Utility. That way you are starting off with a clean device. Put the EZSnsRF into linking mode by pressing the Set button for 4 seconds. The LED is blinking once per second while it is listening for the RF signal from the Dakota Alert device. Trigger the Dakota Alert device to cause it to send the RF signal. Now the EZSnsRF LED is blinking faster, about twice per second. At this point it is listening for an Insteon device to link with. Press the Set button on the ApplianceLinc for approximately 3-4 seconds. I linked with a LampLinc to do this test, the lamp connected to the LampLinc blinked twice while holding the Set button on the LampLinc for 3-4 seconds. The lamp blinking twice indicates the LampLinc is linked with the EZSnsRF. End the linking process at the EZSnsRF by holding its Set button for 3-4 seconds. From your description it sounds like the EZSnsRF is blinking once per second which puts it in the “listening for RF signal” part of the link process rather than listening for an Insteon device where the LED is blinking at approximately twice per second. Do not query the EZSnsRF with the SHN Utility while in the linking process.

At this point each time I trigger the Dakota Alert motion sensor, the lamp turns on for 1-2 seconds, reflecting the signal received from the motion sensor.

EDIT: the link records created are as follows…..
EZSnsRF 08.9B.4B
Link Record 1 – Controller of Device: 4.93.BF; Group 6; Data: 1,0,28
LampLinc 04.93.BF
Link Record 1 – Responder to Device: 8.9B.4B; Group 6; Data: FE,1F,0

EDIT: fixed text reference to EZSrvRF which should have been EZSnsRF and used the words in the factory reset button, Restore Factory Configuration