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The 04 is added by the firmware in the PLC based on the specific message received from the power line. I don’t know what sensors are being queried by the Get Sensor Value command. I was going to ask you that question. 🙂 The 1wire input is being expanded to handle more than a single 1wire device. The last post I saw on the subject said the 1wire multi sensor support was a few months away. Perhaps someone who has used the 1wire input can help with this. It might apply to the analog inputs operating in analog mode but there are only two of those.

If Homeseer is using the normal PLC/sdm3 interface, there is a blue T icon in the system tray representing the sdm3 interface. Double clicking on that icon will open the sdm3 trace window.

My first experience with hexadecimal numbers back in the 60’s was in the commercial environment and there we used x’00’ to represent a hex 00. Seems like the 0x00 format is popular in the consumer arena. I do use the x within the value to represent a “don’t care” value. The second x in 0xCx to me says the low order 4 bits are not related/relevant/important to what is being discussed.