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Thanks for your comments.

I don’t know exactly what the ISY does when it goes “start linking” but i assume it’s the same as homeseer when it does “start linking”. I’ve linked about 50 or so insteon devices this way and once they’re “linked” i can manipulate each device however i want it. I can make devices link to other devices (as a controller or a responder) and i can create scenes and drop in multiple controllers and multiple responders.

So i’m presuming the linking portion on ISY or homeseer is mainly to create a 2 way link between the EZIO and the PLM, so that anything the device does, it’ll report back to the PLM and the PLM can register a status update for the ISY or homeseer.

I have tried linking to a switchlinc independently, though my sequence might’ve been wrong. So i’ll try that.