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The EZIO6I is logically like a Smarthome ControLinc Tabletop Controller. The ControLinc functions as a Controller only, it has no outputs to function as a responder, just like the EZIO6I. If the ISY describes how to link with a ControLinc Tabletop Controller, the EZIO6I would be similar. Keeping in mind that the Tabletop Controller has push buttons associated with each of its “inputs” where the EZIO6I selects the input by the number of Set button taps.

Devices like a SwitchLinc or KeypadLinc are both a controller and a responder. The devices are obviously controllers because they control the state of loads and/or other devices, but they can also be linked as responders so the status LEDs in those devices stay in sync with other controllers.

Devices like a LampLinc or ApplianceLinc are responders only. They are controlled by another device, and they cannot control another device.

The ISY must make the distinction between a controller and a responder and how each type is linked to an ISY.