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From your last post I was not sure what the LED is doing. The first line says the LED did follow the instructions, that is, it went off after the initial 10-12 second press, then went into a blinking mode of once per second after the 4 second press following the input taps. The second line that says it keeps blinking, that is, it keeps blinking at once per second after the 4 second press to end the input selection or it is blinking through the entire process, 10 second press, input selection taps, 4 second press to end input selection.

If the LED is blinking continuously after a factory reset, either the factory reset did not work or there is an issue with the EZIO6I. Leave it unplugged for 60 seconds, press and hold the Set button before plugging it in, holding the Set button for 12 seconds after restoring power. If it is blinking at that point I would call Simplehomenet support. I’ve seen a post that suggested holding the set button for 15 seconds to do a factory reset. You might try that but I never found it necessary.

It sounds like at one point you were successful in getting into linking mode. After the 4 sec press to end the number of taps used to select the input, the LED was blinking bright at about once per second. You indicated the LED followed the instructions so at that point you are in linking mode. What happened when you pressed the SwitchLinc paddle for 10 seconds to link it as a responder? Also what Input number are you trying to link to?