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Thanks for the reply, however, I do not quite understand your answer. Are you telling me that, whereas an INSTEON device can both send and receive INSTEON signals, that the EZSrve can only send INSTEON signals? I hope not since the EZSrve acts as a repeater for INSTEON signals. Is the Smarthome PLM built into the EZSrve because I do not have this device as a standalone unit.

To restate my question “Is it possible to link an INSTEON Paddle Switch as a device to the EZSrve and use it to trigger a macro stored in the EZSrve?” This seems to be well documented as a feature in EZSrve advertisements. I quote from the Smarthome web page, “Event triggered actions are possible with the EZSrve which can receive INSTEON and X10 commands and act according to user defined parameters.” This feature works very well if the INSTEON device is assigned an X10 address – the EZSrve receives the X10 signal and it then acts on it to initiate a macro. I have used this to control a closet light which someone in my household insists on leaving on – once the light is switched on, the X10 command signal generated by the switch activates a macro which shuts the light off a after a two-minute timeout. So, why again can I not do this with an INSTEON signal?