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We are working on a Smarthome Power Line Modem issue. We discovered that the modem will not reliably send non-PLM related Insteon traffic.

What does this mean generally?
Any device in the market using a PLM cannot reliably detect non-device initiated Insteon traffic.

What does this mean for the EZSrve?
For the EZSrve, the Macros with an INSTEON initiator or “ACTOR” are only partially reliable at best.

What are we doing about it?
We have three approaches:
1. Work with Smarthome to resolve the issue
2. Look at what Simplehomenet can do to FIX the issue
3. Provide a workaround for the EZSrve as it stands today, where for a macro, the user can select to poll an Insteon device at a specific period. We are going to have this in the next release after 1.50.

We are sorry this problem has occurred, and we are doing everything we can to fix it ASAP.

I second that – I have not been able to successfully make a macro and find the documentation has a lot of room for improvement. Is there a Wiki? Chances are I’d contribute.

this is an excellent idea – we will look into it