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Let’s hope someone following this has the answer. Your configuration (except for the actual sensor itself) is the same as mine except for the Broadcast on Status Change. The Broadcast on Status Change option is used when you don’t have a link associated with the Input and you want the 2X4 to send a “Status Changed” (0x27) Broadcast message when the state changes. The existence of a link should override that option and cause the ON/OFF Group Cleanup Broadcast. I turned that option on in my 2X4 and it continues to send the ON/OFF Group Cleanup Broadcast messages as expected. The only thing I can think of is to add the firmware level of your 2X4 from the SHN Utility display to your post information. My 2X4 is V25 which was the latest a few months ago. Perhaps someone at SHN will know of something at your level if it is below V25.