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You might update your post with information regarding how you are monitoring Insteon traffic. i.e. the SHN utility would not show the Insteon messages for the EZIO2X4 state change.

EDIT: sorry for such a cryptic post, was running late this morning. The “Insteon Traffic” tab is NOT a generalized Insteon trace facility. The left side of the Insteon Traffic screen shows the commands that the utility is/has issued to perform the requested utility function. The right side of the Insteon Traffic screen shows the Insteon response to each of those commands. It does not show Insteon traffic that is generated outside the utility.

After the SHN utility has connected to the PLC, there is an ICON in the system tray that looks like a blue T. This icon represents the Smarthome Device Manager (sdm3) that the SHN utility, and other programs, use to interface to the PLC. A double click on the blue T icon will open the sdm3 trace window, which does show Insteon traffic. Not every Insteon message that flows on the powerline is traced but it will show most of what is happening. Often an ACK to a Group Cleanup Direct occurs too fast for the PLC/sdm3 to trace the message.

Anyway, if you were using the SHN utility to conclude no Insteon traffic flowed at the trigger point, rerun the test with the sdm3 trace window open.