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I don’t think the Actuate Output option is available on the I3/I4 (Analog) Inputs. Pretty sure I have seen a post from Simplehome stating that only I1 and I2 have that feature. I can’t tell you what the 1,2,29 means except it is what you get in the “Controller of” link record when you link a KPL as a Responder. I can’t say it has no affect on the Controller side, looking forward to what Paul posts back, but the Insteon message sequence that is issued for an ON or OFF from the Controller has no room for any of that data.

The data in the “Responder to” link record in the KPL does affect the operation. The 0xFE is the brightness level, full ON in this case, the 0x1F is the ramp rate used to get to the brightness level, and the 4 is the Keypadlinc button number associated with the “Responder of” link record. The 0xFE (bright level) and 0x1F (ramp rate) are applicable to all the Responders I have looked at with dimmable loads (ICON Dimmer, LampLinc, SwitchLinc Dimmer). The button number range 1-8 is unique to the Keypadlinc. Devices like the ICON dimmer, which have only one output, contain a 0x00. The EZIO2X4 Responder link records can have a 0x00 for relay 1 and 0x01 for relay 2. I’ll link up a LampLinc to Input 3, as I did the Keypadlinc and post back my link records. Your reference to the values for an EZRain relate to the fact that the zones are Responders (Outputs) and as such the data in the “Responder of” link record has control over what the device does and is unique to the device type.


After linking a LampLinc as a Responder to EZIO2X4 Input 3 (analog 1)


Link Record 1 – Controller of Device: 8.49.E7; Group: 3; Data: 1,9,29
Link Record 2 – Controller of Device: 4.93.BF; Group: 3; Data: 1,0,28


Link Record 1 – Responder to Device: 0C.AE.5F; Group: 3; Data: FE,1F,0

When Input 3 voltage is moved across the trip points, Keypadlinc button 4 LED turns ON and OFF. The lamp plugged into the LampLinc turns ON and OFF in sync with the Keypadlinc button 4 LED.