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Thanks for your example.
I also used the set button technique, but used a LL not a KPL.

My “All-Link Group Commands” for Analog 1 are similar:
Group 3
Timer 0
Actuate Output – CHECKED (your’s was unchecked)
Ignore On to Off – not checked
Off to On transition CMD1: 11 CMD2: 0
On to Off transition CMD1: 13 CMD2: 0

My display of the 2×4 link records indicate one link:
Link Record 1 — Controller of Device 4.9F.DE; Group 3; Data 1,0,28

I am not home right now, so I do not have the link information for the LL. I will get that tonight along with unchecking the Actuate Output box.

It is the data portion of the link record where I am still most unclear. I show 1,0,28 whereas you have 1,9,29. Last year when I was working on linking the EZRain to a KPL, it was explained that the middle data byte could 80 for snapshot, or zones 1-8, or program codes 1-4. I do not have this information for the EZIO2x4. Also I am not sure what bytes 1 and 3 represent.