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The EZIO modules can send broadcasts on input changes, which HomeSeer can listen for. If you link the EZIO to the HomeSeer’s PLM or PLC, the EZIO will also send group broadcasts and followups, just like any other Insteon device.

I have several EZIO2x4’s reporting status changes to HomeSeer without any problems.

The scripts are, alas, somewhat custom jobs. A script for supporting a fireplace has different requirements from one supporting a garage door or a doorbell. The basics of handling the communication are the same, but what you do with the information depends on what you want to have happen. This is why you’ll find plenty of sample scripts, but nothing “out of the box” ready to go for your particular application. However, if you have any programming experience at all, you won’t find it hard to whip up your own script tailored to your own requirements.