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First off, I work for Simplehomenet – so my posts below are inherently biased.

The EZSrve does have a main screen where you can control – through html – your devices.

You can use the ipod touch – also take a look at the nokia 800 – pretty nice tablet as well. More of a personal preference choice between the two.

– Having the WHS with mControl which way is better, to use a USB connection usin Powerlinc and then the computer connected to the network or the other way arround using EZSrve and everything running trough the network?

I am not sure I would go mControl if I was going to outlay 1000 plus. If you are looking at buying new hardware, check out Indigo plus a mac mini.
This again, is a preference issue. Take a look at the different platforms, and decide which does what you require. I use the EZSrve – and it is more than sufficient for what I am doing. That said, we will be adding to it some new features including enhanced scene management, email alerts, syslog logging, and more.

– Is there a way to connect a rain sensor to the EZRain?

Take a look at
If you use one of these on the ground lines for your irrigation valves, then they will not turn on if there is sufficient moisture.

– Keeping everything else Insteon, is there a better controller to integrate with the system if it happens to lack the rain sensor functionality to save water?

I would use the above sensor. If you want to actually record how much rain falls, look at coupling a one-wire to an EZIO module, and then Insteon can send the amounts – though I do not think this is required for what you want to do.