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After loading ver 1.74 I can now see the An1 Data output levels. I have an ATA2000A temperature sensor hooked up and at 71F the An1 Data level is 294 and changes as the temperature changes.

However, it seems the Setup Alarms on Analog Inputs boxes only allow for 8 bit values (0-256). Are we supposed to scale the An1 value back to an 8 bit trip point value? I tried a value of 74, but this did not work.

Where I am going with all of this is that I want to have the sensor on An1 trigger R1 on and off, based on the trip points. I read a previous post that the ATA2000A sensor was tested with the EZIO2X4, but could not locate any specific examples. Currently I have In1 set to Activate Outputs on Transitions. The configuration has the folowing items checked:

Enabled Analog Inputs
Continuous Analog Conversion
Enable Broadcast on Sensor Alarm

Is there anything else I am missing?