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I have not found anyone who is satisfied with the documentation from any of the major players in the Insteon world. The hardware technology is moving so fast I think companies are having a very hard time first creating and then keeping doc up to date. The other issue I have is how close to the vest SmartLabs is with Insteon detail. They have a few documents in the public domain that provide a good overview and entrance into Insteon but the real meat, like detail on individual command sets for the various devices is not made public. Nor have I seen anything from SmartLabs about Insteon 2. You can pay them to become an Insteon Programmer/Hardware Developer which does give access to more information but who wants to pay for that detail. Just have to scan the forums of the various hardware and software companies and pick up a piece here and there. SmartLabs probably has to do what they do to protect their investment in Insteon but it is frustrating for those on the outside looking in.