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Sorry for taking forever to reply. I have basically given up on this unit and thrown it in the junk box. I had Al of Simplehomenet and Matt from Indigo trying to solve the problem but the help eventually dried up.

I connect a switch to control 12 VDC to an input and turn the switch OFF and ON to control the input. Watching the log in Indigo I can see the ON OFF states change as I open and close the switch. I get approx 1 out of 5 input signals fail. For example I see ON/OFF, ON/OFF. ON/OFF, ON/OFF, then ON with no OFF or visa versa. Simplehomenet has replaced the EZIO8SA twice without fixing this problem. I gave up and am using an input device by EasyDaq. I wrote a simple applescript app to get it to work with Indigo and it is very very reliable.