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I used what would be considered an old EZIO8T, using a NC magnetic switch and a relay NO contact. The entire device would hang some times when AC power was lost for 1 or 2 seconds. No problems with specific inputs. Replaced the EZIO8T with 2 new EZIO2X4s (both V25) because of expanded monitoring in the garage. Using 3 opto-isolated inputs and 2 digital inputs across the 2 2X4s. The inputs are controlled by NO and NC magnetic switches and a NO relay. Using all 4 opto-isolated inputs on an EZIO6I (V23) driven from NO relay contacts in a Dakota Alert wireless receiver. Have not observed an Input failure on any of the devices. Use HouseLinc Desktop from Smarthome and Simplehomenet Utility Suite to establish devices in my Insteon network. Several Keypadlincs have buttons linked to those Inputs for status monitoring. Native Insteon network, using an assortment of 40+ Insteon devices, use no HA software.

Edit: Have a 3rd EZIO2X4 (V25) in the basement that will have the 2 opto-isolated Inputs connected to NO relay contacts in motion sensors. This device has been extensively tested over several days using toggle switches to control all 4 Inputs but the installation in its final location is not complete. I have seen no Input failures on this device either. However, it has not yet had the everyday exercise the other 2 EZIO2X4s and the EZIO6I have.

When you say “missed”, do you mean the Input has not changed state when the controlling switch changes state, or the Input has changed state but the Insteon command was not sent, or the Insteon command was sent but did not cause the desired effect. What type of Insteon device do you have linked to the Input that is being missed.