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@dgreenb wrote:

I don’t think it’s a comm issue. I tried to add 3 different devices (keypadlincs or togglelincs) by address — none of them worked, none gave an error. I was able to add all 3 fine using the tap method. Communication to all of them, on’s and off’s, bright’s and dim’s go through without any problem. The rest of my devices I just added through the tap method.

I tried it in IE, but I didn’t notice any appreciable change in response. Isn’t Firefox 3.0 still in Beta? I’m trying to cut down on my free testing ūüôā .


Understood – we will try some things to see if we cannot duplicate the problem – can you tell me if the devices are all newer, or are they older I1 devices (basically, did you buy them recently (past 4-6 mos) or are they a couple years old)?

Yeah – Firefox 3.0 is still in beta, pretty stable, but still beta.