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I just tried it again with a device I hadn’t yet added through the tap method, only this time I had the Simplehomenet Utility Suite monitoring traffic. The only thing that showed up was this:

 from ID:05.13.7C flags:2B cmd1:9 cmd2:1

The might be interesting…

As grif091 stated, ignored means that the utility didn’t send a message that required that traffic, so, the EZSrve did indeed send a message it appears, just no response from the module.
I review the XML – I am thinking this may be a noise / comm issue… if we cannot communicate to the device we don’t add it. I am looking into why there is no error displayed (should be), but have you tried the traditional method of adding the device first – JUST to see if it works? If the device is portable, can you try moving it closer to the EZSrve, or move the EZSrve closer to it?

I’m using Windows XP and Firefox 2.0. It’s just an old P4 3Ghz. I’ve got the EZServe hooked up to the same Gigabit swith as my computer, so it shouldn’t even have to go through the router.
I’m a programmer in a past life, so that usually means I can pull out just enough rope for a hangin’, but if life slows down a bit I’ll give it a whirl.

A P4 3GHz is ample. Have you tried either Firefox 3.0 (much lower memory usage than Firefox 2.0) or IE to see if the refresh time is the same?

One last nit — I know the html interface is designed to be Fat Finger Friendly, and I’ll make use of that on my pda, but it’d be nice to have a slider of some sort to change the brightness. If I want to go from Off to 60%, it takes 3 taps with a 4sec refresh between — 12sec just to get one light.

Yeah – I hear you. Let us work up a couple ideas, throw them at the community, and then we will implement. If you want 40%, it shouldn’t take too many clicks.