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I sometimes run HouseLinc Desktop and SHN Utility Suite together (something not recommended by HouseLinc). It has been my experience that the SHN Utility shows for Insteon traffic it receives that is not the result of a command issued by SHN Utility Suite or not the anticipated Insteon message resulting from a command issued by SHN. For example, if during the “Display” of the link database, a command is directed to the same device, that Insteon message will be flagged with because it was not in response to the commands retrieving the link database. Only means the SHN Utility ignored the specific message, not that there is anything wrong with the message itself. HouseLinc Desktop has a good Insteon traffic logger but it has to be purchased. I often use HouseLinc to watch Insteon traffic generated by the SHN Utility Suite and by button/paddle activity on the Insteon devices themselves. The Manage Device Links tab in SHN Utility Suite is a good place to view links in a specific Insteon device link data base, even for devices not from Simplehomenet.