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Paul, first of all thanks for the detailed response. I’ve gotta say that your involvement on the forums has kept me around longer than I ordinarily would have. I’ve emailed you my xml files. That being said…


– When I try to add a device by insteon id I don’t get an error message, but no device gets added. I can successfully add the same device with the push-button method, however. Is the id-entry method working? I can imagine that if I had some relatively inaccessible remotelincs (which I will soon), it’d be much simpler to just enter the id.

The ID-Entry has been working – we will try to duplicate the bug. We will get an answer ASAP.

I just tried it again with a device I hadn’t yet added through the tap method, only this time I had the Simplehomenet Utility Suite monitoring traffic. The only thing that showed up was this:

 from ID:05.13.7C flags:2B cmd1:9 cmd2:1

The might be interesting…

I have a refresh time of about 1 second or so – what is your browser / OS? I don’t want to over promise, but I can say we are working on a non-specific OS solution that will remove the latencies you are seeing. I do not have a specific time frame, but we are talking months. In the meantime, if you are technically savy, you can directly edit the XML files and upload them, saving yourself considerable time if you have a large configuration. I will be more than happy to walk you through that.

I’m using Windows XP and Firefox 2.0. It’s just an old P4 3Ghz. I’ve got the EZServe hooked up to the same Gigabit swith as my computer, so it shouldn’t even have to go through the router.
I’m a programmer in a past life, so that usually means I can pull out just enough rope for a hangin’, but if life slows down a bit I’ll give it a whirl.

One last nit — I know the html interface is designed to be Fat Finger Friendly, and I’ll make use of that on my pda, but it’d be nice to have a slider of some sort to change the brightness. If I want to go from Off to 60%, it takes 3 taps with a 4sec refresh between — 12sec just to get one light.

Thanks for the help so far!