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All right, I think I can tackle each of these.

– Can I set the default ramp/brightness level of individual devices or scenes from the ezserve?

First, from the HTML, not in the current version. We are working on 1.50, where you will be able to set the ramp level for a scene for a given device. We will have that available within 2 weeks or so (we are hoping sooner).

– Can I create and assign scenes to be controlled from a switch, not the ezserve? I’d like to have a scene where some lights go on, and others turn off, I can’t seem to do this in a “group”.

See the reference to 1.50 above, you can today, but it is somewhat difficult. With the new release, you will be able to set a number of controllers, responders, the action, and the ramp rate.

– When I try to add a device by insteon id I don’t get an error message, but no device gets added. I can successfully add the same device with the push-button method, however. Is the id-entry method working? I can imagine that if I had some relatively inaccessible remotelincs (which I will soon), it’d be much simpler to just enter the id.

The ID-Entry has been working – we will try to duplicate the bug. We will get an answer ASAP.

– When I try to change a group that a device is in I don’t get an error mesage, but no change occurs. Well, I just tried this again — this time it’s asking me to push the set button on the device again even though the device is selected on the device list. That doesn’t seem right.

No, it doesn’t seem right. We will also look into this. It would help if you can email me your .xml files, email is paul at simplehomenet.com

– It seems to take a bit for the ezserve to respond to new page requests. Not too long — 2-4 seconds in most cases. But, compound this with every time I change a page or hit a button, it can get a little annoying. Not sure if there’s anything you can do about that one.

2-4 seconds for a local seems a bit long. I have a refresh time of about 1 second or so – what is your browser / OS? I don’t want to over promise, but I can say we are working on a non-specific OS solution that will remove the latencies you are seeing. I do not have a specific time frame, but we are talking months. In the meantime, if you are technically savy, you can directly edit the XML files and upload them, saving yourself considerable time if you have a large configuration. I will be more than happy to walk you through that.

– The ezserve is also constantly reloading something in the browser. I’m not sure what it’s doing since I still have to manually refresh to get the current status of an area.

The EZSrve will update the screens based on it’s actions. The manual polling is a result of a “bug” in the PLM from Smartlabs. We are working with them to resolve the issue. The bug is that the monitoring of the Insteon traffic is not very reliable for devices that are not sending too or from the EZSrve PLM. So, it is constantly refreshing in case it executes an action such as a timer, but you have to poll to be sure of a status (ex. somebody manually turns on a light).

Let me know how else we can help – we want the EZSrve to work well, easy, and do everything you need + a little more ūüôā