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I currently use Houselink Decktop but would be will to buy Homeseer (or anything else) if I could count on full and compatible support for Insteon and Simplehomenet devices. I actually stopped my migration to more Insteon devices when it was clear Smarthome was not going to update Houselink, even for third party products they sold. Eventually the interest in using the function of the Simplehomenet products pulled me back into Insteon but it is still pretty frustrating integrating Simplehomenet Insteon based products into my Insteon network. Using EZServ as the base is fine with me. My EZServ is still sitting in the original unopened shipping package because I thought I would have to return it due to lack of Keypadlinc button support. Think that issue is resolved so will get back to EZServ soon. The price point you pick must be large enough for sustained support, including new devices. Buying a “release upgrade” would be okay if there were substantial functional additions, not just recognition of new device codes. I would not want to have to buy something new just to get support for an EZIO6I just because it had more inputs than an EZIO2X4.

Guess I should go take a look at Homeseer.