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I voted PLC because that is what I currently have and will probably always have one because Smarthome’s Houselinc Desktop uses it. Houselinc has drag/drop for linking devices it supports, device discovery, and so on. The problem is that Smarthome has been slow (to be kind) in adding support for Simplehomenet devices. Hence the need for the SHN Utility Suite.

I have a EZServ sitting in a box which I will begin to use in the next few weeks after finishing some work with my new 2X4’s. I vote for EZServ for the long term and would do so even if I had not purchased one. Don’t think your progress should be hindered by limits of existing technology. Certainly not all will agree but that is the cost of using an evolving technology. You might allow coexistence of the last release of SHN with PLC support and whatever you move to that requires EZServ. Currently, moving to the latest SHN release requires an uninstall of the currently installed release.

Feel free to delete this post. Just could not explain my views with a single button.