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We are VERY excited about this. We have improved a couple of features, include IR transmission of not just NEC but also RC5 and SONY. We also provided support to use it as a IR distribution hub.

We have updated the quick guide:

– Receive (X10, NEC, RC5 or SONY) IR Codes.
– Supports Insteon codes On / Off / Toggle / Bright / Dim via programming with the button on the side, and any command you want using our free utility.
– Can send IR codes (NEC, RC5, SONY) from an Insteon command
– Can be used as an IR distribution / repeater hub. The default is 38KHz but this can be changed

Price is 109USD – this comes with the module, and an IR sensor built INTO the module.
You can connect an external sensor (sold separately from us, or you can use another you have laying around, the pinout is in the quickguide). You can also connect up to 8 IR emitters.