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Here’s an example where documentation needs to be improved:

With firmware 1.51 scenes can be controlled from the Device View/Control page. When I first tried adding a scene to an area, my scene was not in the list of available devices to be added. After a bit of playing around, I found the trick: the EZSrve must be included as a controller for the scene if you want to include it in an area.

This makes perfect sense when you think like an Insteon device, but less so if you are a casual user.

The next logical question is what unit # to use when adding the EZSrve as a controller. The doc sort of implies that 1 is in use and subsequent numbers should be used for scenes. If that’s the case, then do I need to manage EZSrve unit numbers myself and be sure not to create a conflict?

Finally, do I need to add the EZSrve as a responder? The screen shot in the doc does, but there’s no explanation of whether this is required or not.

Having these sorts of questions documented makes the difference between the EZSrve being a joy to use vs. a source of frustration.

PS: if someone can help answer these questions I would be grateful.