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Additional comment regarding solution to 1), using SHN Utility to establish link for I4, the group numbers for any inputs not linked through the SET button have to be set manually using SHN Utility. In my case I4 still did not work, even after using SHN Utility to create a Controller link record for Group 4 in the 2X4 and a Responder link record for Group 4 in the Keypadlinc. I actually created all the Controller link records in the 2X4 using the SHN Utility. I1/I2/I3(AN1) worked because I had established links for these inputs using the SET button in past testing, even though I had deleted all the link records before starting this latest test. Once I set Analog 2 group number to 4 in the 2X4, I4(AN2) worked fine. If you are starting with a 2X4 that has never had SET button links to I1/I2/I3, all inputs will have to have their group number set manually. May also be necessary if you do a Factory Reset of the 2X4 after doing SET button links but I did not try that case after getting all my inputs to work with the Keypadlinc.

Thanks for tracking down the PLM issues. I will do more testing with my EZIO6I as I was not able to establish SET button links to I5 & I6, as well as I4, and the LED did not display the same when attempting I5/I6 SET button links.