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We are afraid of bearing some bad news. Apparently the latest PLMs have 2 issues directly explaining the behavior you are seeing. Others have reported the same issue with the EZIO8SA that uses the external PLM. Here are the explanations:

1) THE EZIOxx firmware relies on direct control of the LED and disabling the linking request through the pushbutton. Under these conditions, the PLM strangely sets the LED on high and does not follow the commands issued by the host (EZIOxx firmware) when setting 4 taps. It works fine with 1-3 or 5-8 taps. This explains why you can not manually link input #4. We are waiting for a reply from SmartLabs about this issue. The workaround is to set the link electronically using the SHN utility.

2) All SHN devices use the flat memory space from locations 0x00 through location 0xff for various parameters. In absence of early support for extended INSTEON messages, SHN and SmartLabs agreed to use the peek/poke commands for reading and setting these parameters. By setting the MSB of the desired address to 0x00, it was possible to have access to the SHN device parameters without conflict with the PLM internal memory. It appears, however, that the latest PLMs ignore the MSB or have some locations mapped in the low end of memory, creating conflict with the SHN devices. This explains why writing a value to the EZIOxx output timer 1 at memory location 0x00, wiil cause a reset of the PLM (wiping out the links database) on a subsequent power-up. Again we are waiting on SmartLabs to resolve this issue. A workaround is to use extended messages (as done by the EZSrve/EZbridge) but not possible with a PLC. ANother workaround is to set the timers first, then do the linking.