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I apologize in advance if I am being confused by the “Responder” terminology as it relates to EZServ. I have not yet unpacked my EZServ. In the Insteon world, Keypadlinc buttons 2-8 can be linked as Responders and do function as Responders. Every Input on my EZIO2X4s and EZIO6I that have active connections have at least one Keypadlinc button in the 2-8 range linked to it as a Responder. That way I display the status of the condition being monitored by the Input. For example, Input 1 on a 2X4 is connected to a magnetic switch on the garage bay door. The ON/OFF status of Input 1 tells me if the garage door is open or closed. I have linked a Keypadlinc button 7 as a Responder to Input 1 on the 2X4. Button 7 LED on the Keypadlinc reflects the ON/OFF status of Input 1, and therefore the OPEN/CLOSE status of the garage bay door. Link records look like this…

EZIO2X4 01.01.01

Link record 1 – Controller of device: 02.02.02 Group : 1 Data 1,9,29

Keypadlinc 02.02.02

Link record 1 – Responder of device: 01.01.01 Group: 1 Data fe,1f,7

When the EZIO2X4 sends an ON command to the Keypadlinc, button 7 LED turns on, when the 2X4 sends an OFF command to the Keypadlinc, button 7 LED turns off.

The “7” in the Responder link record in the Keypadlinc identifies the button number that is acting as the responder. Buttons 2-8 on a Keypadlinc must function as responders or the LEDs under the buttons would never be in sync with the devices in the Insteon network that they are controlling or monitoring. I have many Keypadlinc devices and they have always worked that way. They would be useless otherwise.

Now, for EZServ. It sounds to someone standing on the outside looking in, who obviously has no experience with EZServ as yet, but with years of experience using Insteon Keypadlinc devices, that EZServ has a serious issue not being able to define Keypadlinc buttons 2-8 as responders. If this is only a misunderstanding resulting from terminology I apologize again. However, EZServ must be able to handle Keypadlinc buttons 2-8 as responders, using Insteon world words. And it must be able to do this without Peeks and Pokes.

I am adding some objective information to demonstrate the scope of the problem. The following devices are currently installed in my Insteon network….

(3) Icon in-wall dimmers
(22) Icon in-wall on/off switches
(3) Lamplincs
(1) Controlinc
(3) EZIO2X4s
(1) EZIO6I
(Eight) (8) Keypadlincs – Button 1

That is a total of 41 devices currently installed and supported by EZServ (I assume).

(Eight) (8) Keypadlincs – Buttons 2-8

That is a total of 56 buttons not supported by EZServ

There is hardly a circuit in my Insteon network that will not be adversely affected by not having support for Keypadlinc buttons 2-8. All the active Inputs on the EZIO2X4s and EZIO6I are linked to a Keypadlinc button in the 2-8 range.

Certainly not every Keypadlinc button 2-8 is currently being used in my Insteon network. I like to have a button or two on each Keypadlinc available for expansion. For example, the Keypadlinc at the top of the basement stairs controls and monitors the 6 light circuits in a partially finished basement. Button 7 and 8 will be used if more light circuits are added as the basement is finished. Same with the Keypadlinc covering the detached garage lighting. Button 7 and 8 on that Keypadlinc are currently unused. Another Keypadlinc is dedicated to the monitoring and controlling of the garage bay doors. Four Keypadlinc buttons cover the four Inputs on one of the EZIO2X4s monitoring the fully open/fully closed status of the two bay doors, with two more of the Keypadlinc buttons controlling the two bay door openers through the two Outputs on the same EZIO2X4. In this case, buttons 1 and 2 are unused.

With Keypadlinc buttons 2-8 functioning as responders; even Simplehomenet hardware devices accepting those buttons as responders, I think the case is made for EZServ to pick up support for Keypadlinc buttons 2-8 as responders. Please!