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Thanks for the input. Tried multiple times and have not gotten I4 to link. Thought I had but it turns out that there is a linking issue when the group number of the controller of Output 1/2 overlaps with Group 1/2/3/4 used when establishing links for I1/I2/I3/I4, followed by links for O1/O2. I tried to set Button C (Button 3, which is group 3 on Keypadlinc) as the controller for O1, after setting Buttons E/F/G (buttons 5/6/7 on Keypadlinc) to be controlled by I1/I2/I3. When I did that link record 3 in the 2X4 for I3 was changed from a “Controller of” to a “Responder of” in the link database, in addition to adding the correct new link record 4 as “Responder of” for the link to Button C. With I3 in the 2X4 as Group 3, and Button C in the Keypadlinc also being Group 3, the link manager in the 2X4 got confused. Should have left link record 3 “Controller of” for I3 group 3 in the 2X4 alone, and just add a “Responder of” for group 3 for the Keypadlinc button 3. I have a much better explanation written that I will use to add a new topic under EZIOxx.

I agree completely regarding Al and the other folks at Simplehomenet. My experience over the last year or so has been nothing but positive when it comes to solving problems or answering questions. I sent an email to “support” to see if I can get my old 2X4’s updated with the lastest firmware. If I can’t find some way to get I4 set I may have to RMA this one, or maybe just use one of the other 2X4s if I can get them to a point where I can link to them. I think I can bypass the group number conflict by changing the order of the Keypadlinc buttons I plan on using to respond to the inputs and control the outputs. Tried setting new group numbers for the I1/I2/I3/I4 inputs (using 9/10/11/12) but they went back to the normal group 1/2/3/4 as each Ix link was established. Even after doing a yellow button save changes button in SHN 1.6 after setting the input group numbers to 9/10/11/12.