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Received my new EZIO2X4 today and have successfully linked I1,I2,I3,O1 & O2 to buttons on the same KeypadLinc that I could not link to my older two EZIO2X4 input functions. I did not try linking to the 2 outputs on my older EZIO2X4s during these tests. The outputs had been working in a different configuration so I expect they are still working. Will see if I can return my older 2X4s and get them updated with the latest firmware.

Do have 1 problem with the new 2X4 however. Cannot link to I4. When I press the set button 4 times followed by a 3/4 second set button press, the LED turns on solid bright rather than the 1 second blinking bright that normally happens in linking mode. I actually did get I4 linked once but the Set button sequence is unknown as I was trying to get it out of the solid bright LED situation when it started to flash as though in linking mode so I did the KeypadLinc end of the link and it took but I lost my O1,O2 links somewhere along the way. Restored the O1,O2 links but the I3 & I4 links were gone, which may have gone away at the same time I lost O1,O2. Have gotten the new 2X4 back to I1,I2,I3,O1&O2 links established and have a solid bright LED after trying to link to I4 again. All of this has been done using the Set button on the 2X4 and the buttons on the KeypadLinc. Have not started HouseLinc Desktop nor the SHN 1.6 Utility Suite as yet.

Next step is to bring up SHN 1.6 and query the link database on both the 2X4 and the KeypadLinc and see what they look like.

There is a problem with the link manager on this new 2X4 when the group number of the input (ex I3 is group 3) and the group number established by the controller of the output (ex KeypadLinc button C/3 is group 3 controlling O1). Will open a new forum entry for this containing more detail and what I did to get around the situation.